Guide lines for liquidating office furniture
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Guide lines for liquidating office furniture

You should aim to sell entire inventory , not in piece mill.
Format to follow:For starters you must put an inventory together,
upon completion you should take five or six images of your pieces,
The furniture liquidators need to have information in regards to your
building ,he will need answers to these questions: Are you on the first
floor, does your building i have an elevator or freight elevator.
Does your building have a loading dock. Are their stairs to climb,
if so how many. Can you remove furniture during the days or after hours.

Can you provide a copy of the building requirements. How soon
do you have to have furniture removed. We need a minim of
three business days for a small job. Are normal lead time to get
you scheduled is from seven to fourteen day. A concern of sellers
how much can I receive for my furniture. The first question I ask
how old is it, how many pieces do you have , are you selling entire
inventory. , not in piece mill. What most clients don’t consider is
the cost of depreciation, which is 20% per year.

After five years
the furniture is written off. Also, the cost to warehouse the furniture,
for example the minimum cost in San Jose is $ 2.00 a square foot.
Also, a lot of times the cost of removal exceeds the value of the
furniture. Unfortunately, a large percentage of furniture has no
value , which leaves no choice but dumping the furniture, which
another cost is incurred. Only about 10 to 20% of furniture
is recycled .depending on quantity, quality,and age of furniture . By
following these guide lines , you will save time and money.  Office furniture liquidators.

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